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They bring with them sweets and gifts for the bride to be and money and clothes for the family members of the bride.

The bride’s family hosts a meal and then the request for the hand of the girl in marriage is formally made to the father of the bride by the father of the groom.

It may be held a few days before the wedding or on the night preceding the wedding.

The expenses of the function are to be borne by the groom’s family.

The groom is escorted to the dais to sit by the bride by the groom’s elder brother.

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Lavish dinner is provided and after dinner, the bride and groom walk up the aisle as they are showered with sweets and flowers and a special song is played known as the Asta Burrow meaning “go slow”.

The parents of the groom may also visit the bride during festive occasion.

This is a function that is held before the wedding.

The groom is then accepted by the father of the bride as “his servant”.

The two parties then discuss matters of dowry as part of Afghan marriage customs.

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