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Dating sites require a payment solution which can seamlessly assess client rates in detail and tell the difference between a genuine user looking for love, and a criminal looking for their next payoff.One of the simplest solutions to the problem is tokenisation.

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Given how the escort industry has evolved, certain issuers have tried to distance themselves and their customers from it by blocking the MCC Code — to the detriment of any cardholder wishing to use a dating site.We have been reviewed by Dating who have published an article about us.Fraud has long been a problem in the dating industry, and by that I don’t mean users posting old profile pictures from when they were five years younger and two stone lighter.Tokenisation solutions provide a reference number (or token) that is used in place of the card number for all refunds or repeat transactions — in the dating industry this covers subscriptions.By using tokenisation or card store, dating sites can improve conversation and approval rates from acquirers.

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