Accommodating or flexible

The mechanical coupling remains a self-restrained joint, and the unique pressure-responsive design ensures sealing even under deflection and pipe movement.

(See panel, ‘What is a grooved pipe joint’.) Grooved mechanical couplings are an alternative to welded U-shaped expansion loops, welded offsets, expansion joints and rubber bellows.

Inadequate accommodation of this movement can result in business risks caused by excess stress on the piping system, including: increased incidence of ruptures and leaks; increased stress on boilers, chillers, valves and other equipment and components; and increased downtime and labour expenses.

All materials, including pipe, experience dimension changes as a result of varying temperatures and their coefficient of expansion.

This often occurs at directional changes in the pipework.

Associated with a free-floating system, flexible couplings are used in piping systems to accommodate piping thermal growth – without the need for any additional components or piping configuration.

Flexible grooved-type couplings allow angular flexibility and rotational movement to take place at joints.

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